Puppies and Kittens

We understand that having a new furry family member is wonderful but can also be overwhelming. That is why we schedule a doctor's visit with each booster vaccine. Answering all your questions and getting your pet off to an awesome start in life is our priority.

Adult Pet Wellness

We know you want your pet to live a long healthy life. Annual wellness exams and lifestyle appropriate vaccines are vital to ensure your pet lives the best life possible. Wellness exams include an oral health assessment, physical exam, lifestyle assessment, and parasite prevention recommendations.

Senior Pet Health

It is hard seeing your family member getting older and slowing down. Bi-annual senior exams, screening blood work, and pain medications help their golden years be their best years.

Spay and Neuter

We know there is a lot of information about when to spay or neuter your pet. We recommend spaying/neutering your pet at 5–6 months of age. Younger pets recover more quickly and are less prone to complications.

Anesthesia and Surgery

We understand anesthesia is scary. That is why we have a dedicated technician and specialized equipment to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and temperature throughout each procedure. An IV catheter, IV fluids, and pain medications further ensure your pet's comfort and safety.


Savvy pet parents know that bad breath is more than just a nuisance, it's a health problem. That is why we provide comprehensive dental care including ultrasonic scaling and polishing, digital dental x-rays, and tooth extraction when needed.


When your pet is sick, you want answers quickly. That is why we provide comprehensive in-house blood work for immediate results. Pre-anesthetic blood work reduces your pet's risk of anesthetic complications. Senior screening for all pets over 7 years of age helps your pet live a long healthy life.


Digital x-ray not only provides a superior quality image, making it easier to diagnose problems. It also minimizes your pet’s exposure to x-rays. If needed, we can send digital x-rays to a radiologist or other specialists for review.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to create pictures of organs, tissues, and other structures within the body. Ultrasound helps diagnose disease that x-rays may not detect. Dr. Prince completed the WAVE Small Animal Soft Tissue Immersion Program and is certified in Small Animal Abdominal Ultrasound.

Pain Management

No one wants their pet to be in pain. That is why we believe in multi-modal pain management for acute and chronic pain. We have a variety of pain medications, joint supplements, exercise recommendations, and weight management plans to get your pet back to living life to the fullest.


We understand how frustrating chronic allergies can be. That is why we have allergy testing to help find the cause of the itch, medications to stop the itch, and specialized foods to minimize your pet's discomfort.


Good nutrition is vital to good health. That is why we carry Hill's Prescription Diets and Royal Canin Prescription Diets to treat a variety of medical conditions. We offer home delivery of all Hill's Prescription Diets through Hills to Home. Ask us how to sign up today.

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